Meet the Staff

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Dara Carr
Hometown – South-Side of Chicago
Major: Journalism |Minor: French
3rd Yr-I like to sight see, go shopping, traveling and I speak French.


Cheryl Kwapong: Lifestyle  Politics Columnist
Hometown: Buford, GA
Major: Journalism | Minor: Political Science
3rd Yr. Politics and people are my passion. I love talking about topics that invoke deep thought. I am a walking Frank Ocean stan account and there’s a 99.99% chance my taste in music is better than yours. I’m also a Sagittarius sun and moon so you’re welcome.


UGA Elite Staff image.png
Chukwuayanam “Yana” Obiekwe:  Social Justice | Lifestyle Columnist
Hometown: Snellville, GA
Major: Undecided
2nd Yr. I have always loved writing pieces that allowed me to use my passion on certain topics to convey a message. I’m passionate about anything from social injustices, personal pieces, to any and everything J. Cole.
Andrew Frierson: Sport Columnist
Hometown: Magee, Mississippi
Major: Marketing
3rd Yr. I am passionate about two things in life: sports and writing. I am a huge Boston fan across every sport with the exception of baseball (Go Dodgers!). Anytime you see me, I will be listening to music. I hope to bring light to many different topics through my writing in the future.


Kamaya Brantley: Lifestyle Columnist
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Major: Agriscience and Environmental Systems | Minor: English
3rd YearYes-I am a whole STEM major. However, writing has always been my passion. I also love shopping, dancing, nature, and cats (but dogs are pretty great too).  I have a lot to say, so stay tuned!


Jayla Johnson: Editor & Politics/Entertainment | Sports Columnist
Hometown: Riverdale, GA
Major: Journalism | Minor: Consumer Economics | Certificate: Sports Media
3rd Year. I love writing and dancing. I mostly watch drama shows, football, and basketball on television. I am sociable which drove my passion towards getting a Bachelors in Journalism and Consumer Journalism. I hope to reach my goal of being a prime time news anchor for Channel 2 Action News and explore reporting in sports for ESPN. My ultimate career goal is to work for Good Morning America.


Tylar Norman: Lifestyle
Hometown: Conyers, Ga
Major: Journalism | Minor: Spanish
3rd Year. A few of my favorite things include shopping — bank account permitting, photography, scrolling through pictures of puppies, and entertaining myself with the world around me. One day I will travel the world.


able to do that for ELITE is perfect! There are various topics I can’t wait to write about so stay tuned!


Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 11.24.38 AM
Kerbi Rucker
Hometown: Douglasville, GA
Major: Human Development and Family Science
4th Year. I love writing pieces that no one wants to talk about, but everyone is thinking about!



Christelle Anani : Health & Wellness |Life Columnist


Hometown: Lawrenceville, Georgia

Major: Marketing | Minor: Chinese Literature & Language

3rd Year. I love all aspects of music and dance. Self-proclaimed milly rocking connoisseur. I aspire and am learning to be the best that I can be. I am on a journey of self-awareness & love and am striving to grow by pushing the limits of my comfort zone.



Jessica Marie Clayton: Sports Writer | Life Columnist
Hometown: Americus, Georgia
Major: Journalism
I absolutely love animals, especially dogs, and my heart’s passion is traveling.



Bemsi Wallang: Life Columnist
Hometown: Dacula, Ga via Madison, Wi
Major: Biological Science | Pre-Med intent.
4th Year. I’m a Cameroonian-American. Writing has always been a source of release and comfort for me so I’m glad that I can share that part of me with my peers through Elite. I hope to inspire people with insight, passion, and relatability through my posts on Elite.


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