Meet the Staff



Shaquira Speaks: Editor-in-Chief | Sports/News Writer

Hometown: Warner Robbins, Georgia
Major: Communications and Journalism

In love with sports (Seahawks, Spurs, Braves) and I dream of being a broadcaster for ESPN or  FOX Sports. I love music and being outside around friend.


Tyree Brown:  Director of Membership | Writer 

Hometown: Jonesboro, GA
Major: Journalism

I am a third-year journalism major interested in being the voice of the people. I write about anything and everything as long as it sparks conversation.


Christelle Anani : Health & Wellness |Life Columnist

Hometown: Lawrenceville, Georgia
Major: Marketing | Minor: Chinese Literature & Language

2nd Year. I love all aspects of music and dance. Self-proclaimed milly rocking connoisseur. I aspire and am learning to be the best that I can be. I am on a journey of self-awareness & love and am striving to grow by pushing the limits of my comfort zone.


Ariel Bowen: Life Columnist

Hometown: Stone Mountain, Ga
Major: Mass Media Arts

3rd Year. I’m happiest when creating and entertaining. I love to laugh and making others laugh. If I had any weaknesses, they would be good food and cartoons. One day, I will be the brains behind your favorite shows and films.


Sabrina Burse: Spoken Word | Life Columnist

Hometown: Chatsworth, California
Major: Human Development | Minor: Family Science

I am a daddy’s girl. I like Star wars, superheroes, and discussions about hair and makeup. I feed off of energy and truly believe that communicating is the key to success. One day I will own my own Real Estate Business and broadcast because I have no limits.


Jessica Marie Clayton: Sports Writer | Life Columnist

Hometown: Americus, Georgia
Major: Journalism

I absolutely love animals, especially dogs, and my heart’s passion is traveling.


Alexas Durr : Columnist

Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Major: Human Development |Minor: Sports Management

crime show lover + music, sports, and beauty enthusiast + ultimate nap and organization expert. My ultimate goal in life is to leave places better where I found them. I’m pursuing a career in Sports & Entertainment and blog as my stress reliever.



Denver Ellison: Life Columnist

Hometown: Lilburn, Ga
Major: Journalism

I love music, singing, reading and shopping. I am a big fan of inspirational quotes. I also love to go on outdoor adventures and explore trails with friends.


Andrea Hill

Hometown: Douglasville, GA
Majors: Physics and Economics

First Year. I’ve been in love with learning since I was born, and I want to keep hearing and telling stories until I die.


Isaiah Joseph: Sports Writer | Film columnist 

Hometown: Conyers, Ga
Major: Journalism

Class of 2020. I honestly love to have fun and am very chill. I am a huge fan of all Georgia/ Atlanta sports. I love to write, draw, and use my creativity. I’m also very into video production and editing. I plan on combining my passion for sports and storytelling to for a career in Sports journalism, sports media, or sports broadcasting.


Kelvin Lattimore: Sports Writer

Hometown: Athens, Georgia
Major: Mass Communications (graduated from Valdosta State in 2007)

I am 31 years old and a native of the great city of Athens Ga. I am married to Natasha Lattimore and enjoy all things sports and a good movie. Spending quality time with family and good friends is what brings me joy in spare time. Im also active in my church Chestnut Grove Baptist Church were my father Wilson Lattimore is Pastor.



Marshae Nickelberry: Poetry | Life Columnist 

Hometown: Newnan, Georgia
Major: Environmental Health | Minor: Global Health

I believe that writing is an extension of our souls, and is a way to express what sometimes we cannot physically say. Writing is such a beautiful way to find yourself and master the art of what is words, as well as communicate with others in ways otherwise unimaginable. Writing has always given me a voice when I felt I had none and for that I will be eternally grateful. I hope to inspire others to find themselves, and to go beyond what we think we are capable of and find what we REALLY have to say…and express that.


July 23

Brandi Patterson: Entertainment Columnist

Hometown: Jackson, Georgia
Major: Digital & Broadcast Journalism

3rd year. I’m an avid music and art lover who enjoys spending her time watching Netflix and YouTube. She also enjoys spending time with her family and attending UGA Football games.


Brianna Patton: Sports Columnist

Hometown: Conyers, GA
Major: Sports Management

4th year. Lover of sneakers, Drake, and Kobe Bryant. I hope to work in the Sports Media industry ultimately taking Skip Bayless’s place on First Take and be the first female head coach in the NBA.


Aaliyah Pauyo: Spoken word | Health/wellness columnist 

Hometown: Snellville, GA
Major: Entertainment & Media Studies

3rd Year. Pokemon Master, When I was in Kindergarten I told my teacher, Mrs. Adams, that I want to be a professional writer. I haven’t changed much since then. I like writing informative articles about beauty and mental health, and I also enjoy expressing myself through poetry.


AlSherrae’ Ray: Movies/Film | Life columnist

Hometown: South Fulton County, Atlanta, GA
Major: Theatre

I am six feet one inch of love and fun! I enjoy reading, writing and acting. I love each of these because they allow me to be someone else for momentarily, but also teach me how to become a better person. I hope to bring to ELITE my passion for topics that occur in my personal life and speak for those who cannot speak.


Collin Shamley: Life Columnist

Hometown: Conyers, GA
Major: Mass Media Arts

3rd Year. I love music, sports, and movies. Writing is one of my passions.



Emily Starling: Sports/News Writer

Hometown: Cumming, Georgia
Major: Public Relations | Minor: Political Science

I’m a lover of coffee, sunshine, and the color pink. There’s not much that can stand between me and a nap, but I will never miss an opportunity to meet new people. My 3rd grade teacher had me write a short story based on a picture, and I haven’t stopped writing.


Courtney Taylor: Spoken Word | Life Columnist

Hometown: Stockbridge, Georgia
Major: Political Science

I write for myself and try to tell my truths as simply as possible.


Bemsi Wallang: Life Columnist

Hometown: Dacula, Ga via Madison, Wi
Major: Biological Science | Pre-Med intent.

3rd Year. I’m a Cameroonian-American. Writing has always been a source of release and comfort for me so I’m glad that I can share that part of me with my peers through Elite. I hope to inspire people with insight, passion, and relatability through my posts on Elite.


Allison D. Williams: Life Columnist

Hometown: Fairburn, Georgia
Major: Public Relations | Minor: Communication Studies

4th Year. I have the same birthday as my favorite childhood author, Roald Dahl. I’m obsessed with the number four. My favorite dining hall will always be Oglethorpe Dining Commons.


Casey Hadyn Williams: Movies/Film | News writer

Hometown: Augusta, Georgia
Major: Public Relations & French

I am a Christian.  I love writing and drawing.  I write fan fiction.  I love photography.  I am also a total geek.  What more can I say?



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