Meet the Producers


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Samuel Smith: Chief Executive Producer | Content Director

Hometown: Chicago, IL
Major: Journalism

4th year. Since my interests include sports, music, film, politics, and much more, my goal is to stay versatile and write the truth. I would love to bring real journalism back to the forefront, and for that reason it is my dream to found my own network.


Brian Lucear: Assistant Executive Producer | Creative Director

Hometown: Lithonia, GA
Major: Entertainment & Media Studies

I’ve always had an interest in entertainment, including film and music. I like to stay up to date with the latest content, share it, and discuss with others.



Cheyenne Brown: Associate Executive Producer | Administrative Director


Hometown: Powder Springs, GA
Major: Journalism | Minor: Sports Management

3rd Year. I’ve been involved in sports my whole life and I love journalism, so I combined the 2 and got the idea of pursuing Sports Broadcasting. Hopefully I can make this a career after I graduate. Also I am a movie fanatic, I love hot wings, and my favorite colors are blue and peach.