How To Write for ELITE

At ELITE, we are always looking to provide a platform for writers on campus to grow. We have a few rounds of applications: one for summer content, one in August and one in January. However, we do take guest columnists/features when we have a lull in content. The difference is as a member of ELITE you have a guaranteed spot in rotation in terms of the output of your stories and first rights to stories you want to cover.

As a guest columnist, we are more meticulous in terms of selection and which stories we run. If an ELITE member has already run a story that is similar, there is a significant chance we will not run the story unless yours provides a fresh, alternate perspective.

With all this said, guest columnists have advantages as well. Unlike members, there are no deadlines or expectations to be present at staff meetings. Guest columnists are similar to freelancers. Whenever it is convenient for both parties, their story is published. Guest columnists simply email us when they have a story they want published and we work out the schedule.

If interested in becoming a guest columnist, simply email us at

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