There is Still Hope

By Arianna Marks

If you are a fan for any Georgia team, you know it can become difficult to root for them.

During recent years, Georgia teams were points either a play away from becoming champions, or at the bottom of the barrel in their respective sports. Sometimes you can pinpoint what went wrong, other times people claim that this state is simply unlucky when it comes to sports. No need to fear, each team have potential, all hope is not lost.


First, let’s start with the worst team in Georgia, the Atlanta Hawks.

Two seasons ago, they were in the Eastern Conference finals going toe to toe with LeBron James and the Cavaliers. After being swept 4 – 0, the Hawk returned the next season and became the worst team in NBA during the 2017 – 2018 season.  

Currently, the Hawks are sitting at 5 – 18, being one of the worse teams in the NBA. Although they are not the best, they are not the worse wither. With the young and talented Trae Young, and future draft prospects, the Hawks hope to rebuild the team in order to become a top contender in the Eastern conference.


Let’s move on. Similar to the Hawks, the Atlanta Falcons took a turn for the worse. Two seasons ago, the Falcons were one NFC Championships, playing against the dynasty of the NFL, the New England Patriots. After their devastating lost, they made it to the Playoffs, only to lose to the future Super Bowl champs, the Philadelphia Eagles.

Due to being the only NFC team to make the playoffs within the past two seasons, and to do so while recovering from a Super owl hangover, this promising team showed potential to become the first team to play in their home stadium for the Super Bowl.  Within a couple of games, this team went from Superbowl contenders to the worse team in their division. With an elite offense and a recovering defense, we can hope this team can make a comeback and bring home a Superbowl.


The Atlanta Braves are on the rise.

Marvin Lloyd, a baseball fan claims that, “They’ve been rebuilding over the last two years and shown great promise this year. Fans have something to be excited about.”

Unfortunately, their championship run came to an end after losing a best of five series to the Los Angeles dodgers 3 – 1. Although the dream of winning a championship was cut short, everyone can agree that it is a much better improvement from being the worst team in MLB not too long ago. We shouldn’t hate them as much as the other teams due to being the only professional franchise that brought home a national championship.


The Georgia Bulldogs also improved over the past years. Since Kirby Smart became coach, they won 23 out of 27 games, losing to top 10 teams. Recently, the Dawgs lost the SEC championship game to Alabama, which is also the team they lost earlier in the year when playing for the National Championship. No matter how much effort they put in, they can’t defeat the unbeatable dynasty. They will instead play in the Sugar against the Texas Longhorns due to being one spot short of making the playoffs. With hard work and dedication, the Dawgs are destined to win a Natty within the next couple of years.


Although championships aren’t common in Georgia, we still have hope. This Sunday, on December 9th, 2018, the Atlanta United will be playing in the MLS championship game against the Portland Timbers. This two-year-old franchise is seeking its first championship for the team, and it’s the third professional national championship for the state of Georgia. During their debut season, Atlanta United was eliminated by the Columbus Crew during the Knockout Round. After being out of the championship picture early last season, they have improved to 21 – 6 – 7, and were crowned the Eastern Conference Champions. This team is the third team to make the playoffs during the 2018 calendar year, but the only one to make it to their league’s championship game.


As you can see, Georgia haven’t been so lucky in the past years, especially the more recent ones. While some were so close they could taste the championships, others have much work to do. No matter where your team stands, it’s always “True to Atlanta”, “Rise Up”, “Chop On”, “Go Dawgs”, “Unite and Conquer”, and most importantly, “Go Georgia.”


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