Senior Sit Down: University of Georgia Class of 2019 (A Short Film)

By Lyndsey Jackson

 Producer’s Note:

“A Letter to My Freshman Year Self”

Senior Sit Down


Dear Lyndsey,


Freshman year was hard. You dealt with stress, home sickness and the loss of a grandparent all in one year. You didn’t know what to major in or what you wanted to do after college. However, one thing you did know is that you wanted to be successful and somehow leave a legacy on campus. You wanted to make your mother proud. You wanted to be a role model for your sister. Little did you know, no one will remember, nor care, about all the executive board titles, that “A” in new media or how many social media followers you have. What’s memorable is your character and your impact on others. It’s your heart, your humor, your care and your willingness to stand by and uplift others.


Lyndsey, I remember freshman year crying in that twin-size bed in Creswell, wanting to go home. But, what I also remember are the laughs in Bolton, the memories made in ECV and the friendships solidified in the Tate Student Center. I remember the late nights studying, the jitters before interviews and that time all of your friends mistakenly got on the Family Housing bus at night in the rain. I remember the moments of admiration while meeting alums and pride when you finally got to mentor your own set of underclassmen.


Michelle Obama said, “The only limit to the height of your achievements is the reach of your dreams and your willingness to work hard for them.” You preserved and you overcame. During that time, you changed the trajectory of your college career into what you wanted it to be. Now, when I ask myself if I would I change anything? I say no. I say no because if there was no struggle or hardship, there would be no lessons learned or true victories.


Although I cannot truly talk to my past self now, I can talk to current college students everywhere. My words to you are that everything will be just fine. Be still, work hard and pray. Listen to the advice of upperclassmen and mentors, but do not fear taking your own path. What is for you, is for you.


With love,


Lyndsey Camille Jackson

University of Georgia, Class of 2018

– – –


Senior Sit Down: University of Georgia Class of 2019

As graduation approaches, six seniors reflect on their triumphs, failures, and life lessons learned during their journey at the University of Georgia.

Producer – Lyndsey Jackson

Director/Editor – Brian M. Lucear

Creative Director – Brandon Bass

Thank you to:

Ann-Marie Nwokoro

Ammishaddai Grand-Jean

Ibrahima Barry

Ja’Kyra Austin

Destin Mizelle

Xayla Wilson

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