Rocky Horror Picture Show! A Recreation of a 70s Classic at UGA

By Jayla Johnson

“Let’s do the Time Warp agaiiin!” The annual production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show from University of Georgia’s University Union was outstanding. It was a modern comedic production of a 70s classic film. With a dynamic student cast of amazing actors and actresses and interactive audience in the production, you can’t ask for anything better.

Background of Rocky Horror Picture Show and the overall production

The director kicks off the evening with interactive promiscuous games for the audience to participate in and equally promote safe sex.

The show begins with Brad (Nate Wood) and Janet (Cecelia Chisholm) at a wedding and enjoying the festivities. At this wedding, Brad proposes to Janet and she accepts. Brad and Janet go on a ride and get a flat tire. They walk back to a mansion they saw along the way for help. Little did they know what they would be in store for.

At the mansion, they meet  Riffraff (Ian Chartier), Magenta (Lilly Summerlin, Dr. Frank- N-Furter (Doniell Glass), Columbia (Farrah Crawford), and Dr. Furter’s Creation, Rocky (Copeland Rouse) who give them an unimaginable experience.

Throughout the show you have extra crew members telling laughable sexual jokes in between characters’ lines. Some of the jokes also include modern political jokes about President Trump, UGA’s disdain of the University of Alabama and more. The audience is given props to make them feel apart of the show which takes it over the top.

Major Addresses

The show demonstrates appreciation of the LGBTQ community, which is a refresher. The production shows the importance of embracing and flaunting your sexuality no matter how different you are.

In today’s climate of people feeling the need to suppress their sexuality because of potential backlash, this production can make them think otherwise. Dr. Frank-N-Furter is your main example. Donielle Glass effervescently embodies the confidence of Dr. Frank-N-Furter who is a transvestite vampire.

Confidence is one of the few words just to describe him.

Why do we need this annual production at UGA?

Simple, embracing sexuality needs to be promoted at all times. No one should feel that a certain sexuality is not normal enough for someone. Normalizing the idea of any sexual preference should be accepted at all times is the only way to make that idea a reality.

With the LGBTQ+ community being a minority in society, they need as many supporters as possible to achieve this goal whether you are a member of the community or not. The production of the Rocky Horror Picture show continues to promote this idea throughout the whole performance. The production also challenges the idea of what should be acceptable as men and women clothes and other social constructs.

After viewing this production, I can say the university utilizes careful timing and planning to create a memorable production!


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