Café Soul — What is it and why you should have bought your ticket?

By Tylar Norman


Each year with a fresh set of talent and a dazzling theme, the Black Affairs Council hosts their annual talent show.

Lindsey Cohen, the co-cultural social programming chair, describes Café Soul as a talent showcase designed for all to express themselves and showcase their talents.

You did not have to be a student to be apart or attend the show. Tickets ran from $5 to $10 depending on your status as a BAC member and VIP.



The Black Affairs Council took the Dawgs to Bourbon Street a second week in a row with a Mardi Gras theme. The theme was inspired by Lindsey Cohen’s trip to New Orleans last summer. During her trip, she fell in love with the Bourbon Street vibe and wanted to bring a piece of the fun back to Athens for everyone to enjoy.

The venue was decked out in New Orleans street signs, gold and purple streamers, and Mardi Gras beads — who doesn’t love a set of beads?


The event coordinators,Lindsey Cohen and Rebecca Kabia, wanted attendees to feel as if they had booked a one way ticket to New Orleans themselves. The venue also featured a live jazz band and a sketch artist to mimic festivities found on Bourbon Street.


Even the food was inspired by New Orleans cuisine. Nashawna Stephens of Lace Your Cakes Catering Company was the caterer, which she prepared every meal on her own.

The Menu:

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 7.10.53 PM.png

If you want to check out some of her amazing treats and tasty foods, you can visit her Instagram page @lace_your_cakes.



This year’s performances included everything from soulful singers and rhythmic rappers to powerful spoken word and the dancing Georgia Dolls.

With this much talent going around, it is hard to even imagine how the coordinators were able to narrow the show down to only seven acts, which is a lesser number than the year’s before.

“Acts were chosen not based on how talented they were, but the uniqueness of their sound and how it’s application to the overall effects of the show. No one wants to sit through a two hour show where every act sounds as if they are yodeling the same chords over and over again. We want a variety. We want to feel a rollercoaster of emotions that leave us running back to get in line for our tickets next year,” Kabia said.

Furthermore, they also hoped that the attendees would leave not missing the extra money in their pockets, or in other words, they hope the audience got their money’s worth out of the event.

And I believe, I did.


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  1. Orvillewrong says:

    It sounds like a fun night!


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