It’s Ok To Not Be Ok

By Destini Willis

It’s ok to not be ok…

Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re wrong

One of the first things people are quick to tell you is to always “be strong”

Yes it sounds encouraging but sometimes you need a little more

Because how can you honestly really be strong when you’ve never even had to be strong before?

So Its ok to not be ok…

You’re acknowledging that something inside is not right…

Just because you “feel” defeated, doesn’t actually mean you’ve given up the fight

This battle you’re fighting feels so unjust and you think no one will care

So I get that sometimes you’d rather pretend you’re fine than actually open up and share…

But its ok to not be ok….

You have to let those feelings out

Because when they bottle up inside for too long, you explode… no doubt

But you know.. it’s crazy that exploding isn’t even the worst part…

It’s that period after when you’re constantly trying to glue back together the pieces of your own broken and shattered heart

Like I said.. its ok to not be ok

It’s only building you as a person…

Sometimes we get so scared of what the world will think, so instead we hide behind a curtain

This curtain shields everyone from all the pain, sadness, and anger we never want to show

But once we’re truthful with ourselves and the ones we love… then that’s when we really start to grow

I promise you its ok to not be ok…

Tears do NOT make you weak

I’ve learned from experience that crying is honestly the best feeling of relief

There’s no speed or time limit on healing, and if you heard differently .. it’s not true

So it’s ok to not be ok, because one day you will be… and you’ll be an even better you

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