By Michael Boyd 

My name is blank and I have fallen victim to love
So have you…
We all have fallen victim to this feeling
But why?

Why do we love?
Why do we look for love?
Love is an emotion just like anything else right?
We don’t go out and look for sadness or anger love-1

So why love?
Love is a special kind of feeling
The butterflies you get in your stomach
The intimate touch of another

The warm feeling of strength and security
We want to feel appreciated

But can you truly love someone without loving yourself? The reason we love is because we find things in other people that we can relate to
Favorite things

But love comes from within first
When you learn to love yourself
You learn to love others equally
But the question remains why love?

Love connects your mind, body, and soul
In ways that the brain can’t
Your mind can tell you one thing
And your heart another

The mind can deceive you
But your heart is golden
Real love will always be there
And the real love starts with yourself

After that….
You can tell what’s real and fake
Love yourself
Or you won’t learn to love anyone else

One Comment Add yours

  1. dtdeedge says:

    we are beast,
    pseudo-wise apes,
    naked and afraid.
    we confuse physical desire with love,
    and retreat to the reptilian
    when Pain shows her face.

    we are beasts.
    alone and afraid.


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