Terry student lands SunTrust internship

By Brenna Coyle


Dani Levenson used this past summer getting a head start on her future investment banking career.

It is through the Corsair Society that she learned about the opportunity with Suntrust Bank. Corsair is a supporting network for undergraduate business students at The

University of Georgia. She started actively seeking out connections for the summer of 2018 more than a year in advance.

While she wasn’t utilizing LinkedIn, talking with banking investment professionals or conversing with her four mentors about positioning herself at the top of the competitive field, she was slaving over more than 27 applications.

Levenson said that preparing for the interviewing process was a three-fold process.

First, Levenson said she utilized an online document titled, “Breaking into Wall Street.” It is an extensive book of general but complicated finance questions which aid in preparing for the technical questions that are typically asked in interviews.

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 11.36.21 PM

Secondly, she said it was important to prepare an effective and efficient elevator pitch.

Lastly, she said it was essential to answer behavioral questions with vulnerability and honesty.

She said she believes she was chosen because she broadcasts her authentic self. She believes that the mutual commitment with the company and herself resulted in sharing the same core values.

She talks about the world of banking boldly.

“There are lots of numbers, charts and stoic faces. I am excited to be part of a reputable and ambitious company that is made up of genuine people and not just analytical robots,” she said.

Levenson said she appreciates what her involvement in the Corsair Society, ILA Scholars (Institute for Leadership Advancement), and SMIF (Student Managed Investment Fund) has given her.

She said the three organizations have served different purposes in enriching her career path. In a similar way, her dedication to her friends,

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