Black Roses

By Michael Boyd

For everything in the world
There is an equal opposite
Similar in nature
Similar in appearance

Whether it comes by surprise
Or it comes by mystery
Nonetheless it is important
Surprises are unexpected

But give us life
Fill our hearts with joy
Give us love that we need
God surprised humanity

Gave man a woman
But why?
Because women were needed
Women are the equal opposite of man


The life of humanity
But if this is the case
Why do we hurt our women?
Rape our women?

Destroy our women?
Do we not love our women?
It’s deeper than that
From a woman’s standpoint

“Men are pigs”
“Niggas aint shit”
They believe men can’t treat them right
Can we blame them?

It’s not that we don’t appreciate women
Men don’t want to give women power
They don’t want to be found vulnerable
So we objectify our women

We use our women
Call them “bitches”

We want to control our women
But there is a stronger form of women
One that the world wasn’t ready for
Black Women

They are fighters
They don’t go down easy
They don’t give up
They are under appreciated
They are fearless
They are slept onFree-Shipping-200-Black-Rose-Seeds-Long-Stem-rare-color-DIY-Home-Garden-Potted-Balcony-Yard

Just like a black rose
When you see a rose

You think of red
You think of beauty
You think of life

When you see a black rose

You think of death
You think of failure
You think of destruction

But in reality

The black rose is prettier
The red rose symbolizes fantasy
The black rose symbolizes reality
The black rose represents black women

They are real
Beautiful in nature
Beautiful in spirit
Born into a world

With everything against them
Where they are seen as ugly
Seen as inferior
But only a select few

Will choose a black rose over a red one
And that is the problem
Only a select few
Will appreciate a black woman

Treat them like what they are2660339677_cb53dec7db_z

Black women must learn
All women must learn
That they deserve to find their equal opposite
Never settle for less

Because you weren’t put on Earth
To be treated as such
Black women are gifts
And their appearance is just the wrapping

The inside is what truly matters
All roses are beautiful
All women are beautiful
But you must learn to love the black rose
And you must learn to love a black woman

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