By Collin Shamley

You reach that point where you’re neither in nor out

Not where you were but not where you are headed

And you feel like you’ve made little progress

But people say they are proud of you

“You’re doing a good job”

They’re rooting for you

But you want to be proud of you

Are you even rooting for yourself?

Are you willing to give yourself the extra help?

You tell yourself there isn’t a winning formula

You’ve thought of every outcome

Do you even want to win?

Is the lack of effort worth the wrinkled skin?

Will you give everything you have in you to get want you want?

Will you fall in the habitual game of getting so close but falling short?

When you’re going through tough time speak a word out of you

Instead of looking for a word for you

Get out of your own way

How sad is it to be more afraid to succeed than to fail

This is neither hell nor a jail

Stop the cycle and break out of your cell

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