ELITE’s Top 10 Fan Base’s in American Professional Sports

By: Chase Hutchins

Sports have the ability to make us feel in a way that nothing else in the world can. It shapes who we are and gives our day to day lives a sense of purpose. We feel this sort of natural serotonin release because we are put in a position where we are forced to look at things as bigger than oneself.

Being a fan of a sports organization brings you into a culture in a way that is unlike any other. There is something about singing a chant with a crowd full of people that makes you feel a part of something.

While it is recognized globally, the United States are notorious for passionate fan bases. ELITE has put together a top 10 list, acknowledging some of the best fan support in our country that define what it means to be part of this sense of culture and tradition.


  1. Nashville Predators– Nashville has become a hockey town in a football driven demographical area. The predators have been notorious for their recent Stanley Cup Championship appearance, and contribute it all to their enthusiastic fans. Nashville is the ultimate fan experience. Come game day you can expect to see a sea of Gold and Blue all along Broad Street


  1. Dallas Cowboys– Known for having one of the strongest national appeal, the Cowboys have been nicknamed “America’s Team” . They come In masses for just about any home or away game. They take their football serious down there in Texas and It shows, the Cowboys have made it to the super bowl 8 times and have won 5 of them in their existence as a franchise. The Cowboy fans are fun, and if you ever catch yourself in “Jerry’s World”, you’d get a pretty good understanding of what it feels like to have 92,000 of your closest friend’s by your side standing for 4 quarters.


  1. Boston Red Sox– Whether it is the singing of Sweet Caroline in the middle of the 8th inning, the covering of Pesky’s Pole, or the lucky touching of the Green Monster, Sox fans have a rich history of superstition in their blood that makes it such a great fan experience. Tickets can be hard to come by given that there is an expectation of a sellout crowd every game, but don’t fear, a Fenway Frank, and a Boston Brew is all someone needs to understand the ambiance that Boston sports has.


  1. Atlanta United– Averaging 46,000 fans per contest, and holding the all-time MLS single-game attendance record with 70,425 fans, the Atlanta United have shown up and showed out at every match this year. The loyal fans have painted the streets of Atlanta in Red and Gold and their appreciation and support has contributed to the teams hopes of a championship run. If the team’s outstanding play isn’t enough to lure one in to want to support the club, the atmosphere of Mercedes Benz Arena sure will. The United have quickly become Atlanta’s most sold apparel on the market. With a new stadium, fan diversity, and a growing love for Soccer in America, expect to see the United move even further up in the list in years to come.


  1. Boston Celtics– As if the all time winningest franchise doesn’t sum it up enough, their fan decibel level will. The Boston Celtics do not want to win; they demand to win. Their 17 championships are no luck of the Irish. The Celtics base their prosperity off their intense trash talk and strong support for those who wear the green jersey with pride day in and day out.


  1. Pittsburgh Steelers– Two words: Terrible. Towel. Before, during, or after the game you can expect to see the twirl of the Terrible Towel anywhere amongst the streets of Pittsburgh. This year-round support system has represented their love for black and yellow by having a sellout crowd for 40 straight years and counting. Fans show up hours before game time to have a few drinks, talk Steeler football, and give the players words of encouragement. They know the game, and they love their players as if they were family.

steelers .jpg

  1. Chicago Cubs– Putting up with a 100-year streak of losing is an accomplishment in itself. You don’t become a Cubs fan; you are born it. Wrigley field is one of Sports must see destinations. The birthplace of the famous baseball song “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” being a Cub is centered tradition.


  1. Green Bay Packers– 13 championships is enough to explain why the fans are who they are. If you are hoping to become a season ticket holder, you better put your name down now. The Packers have a season ticket waiting list that can take up to 4 generations to get, with a waiting list currently at 96,000. Simply put, the Packers are unlike any other organization in that it is truly a fan, player appreciation on both ends. The Lambeau Leap or the Packers cheese head, are just a couple of ways Packers die-hards have integrated that green and gold into their blood.


  1. Los Angeles Lakers– You know it’s a big time team, with a big time fan base when Celebrities are lucky to get floor seats. Los Angeles holds not only some of the worlds most famous athletes, and celebrities, but also fans. Staples Center has a rich history of dedicated fans. Can you blame them? With the likes of Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson, and Shaquille O’Neal as alumni of the team, it is understandable how so many people can join the Laker religion.


  1. New York Yankees– The big apple is home to the greatest fans in America. The New York Yankees have established a brand that Is unlike any other. It is not surprising that the classic NY ball cap is the top selling hat on the market and that is because of the meaning of what Yankee Baseball has meant to this country for so many years. With 27 World Championships, 40 AL pennants, and 43 hall of famers, the Yankees have established themselves as not only the greatest fan base of all time, but also team. The New York Yankees have grow to become fan base on a World Wide scale.


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