Making History for the Culture

By Xavier Hood

For three hundred long years black people have been living in America. (I’m going to let that sink in for the emphasis on the length on three hundred years.)

I understand in the beginning it was hard for black people to accomplish anything remotely close to success but with great strive and perseverance we overcame adversity. We became revolutionaries and models of excellence for the world and especially America.

It is sad to say now for as long as African Americans have been here we still are having a first of its kind for the African American race. America was built on all men having equal opportunity but circumstances have been holding certain demographics back from success.

The people who usually determine success in our country are typically stereotyped as old white men. They are the ones behind the scenes truly running the show and determining who should be viewed as important.


Donald Glover has just recently won two Emmys and was named the first black director to win the award for the best comedy and actor in a comedy. The fact we still have to make such a big deal out of black people accomplishing something for their race and not their craft shows how our country hasn’t progressed culturally.

If nothing new is accomplished, then there is no need for an over-celebration we should have a normal reaction for and have a simple gesture of respect. Glover has many talents and excels at every form of art and he enjoys doing it. The Oscars recently had a protest because not enough diverse cultures were being represented for their line of work and art form.

Some people viewed the protest as a sad cry of racism but these are issues that need to be brought up to the majority so that we can truly achieve the seemingly unachievable ceiling of equality in America.

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