Are Friendships a Thing of the Past?

By Christina Evans

“Yesss girl!” is probably one of my favorite phrases to comment underneath social media posts of my friends whether the photo is righteous or ratchet. Understanding that moral support is critical to show how much I care about them accomplishing their dreams and moving forward in life.

This past summer I began to notice a change. Although I would still give my friends the surface level support they needed, I began to truly look at the dynamic of the friendships I had created over my college career. Friends I talked to everyday, became friends I would only speak to once or twice a month.

Weekly wine nights became fewer and fewer until they essentially disappeared from my calendar all together. It seemed like everyone was busy doing their own thing or with their own issues and no one had time for one another.


As it would happen, the summer blockbuster film Girls Trip (first, let’s acknowledge that this movie is a HUGE success for black movies being that it is the first film of its kind to surpass the 100 million dollar amount in box offices) released in theaters while I myself was going through a rough patch with a few of my friends.

Immediately, I prioritized seeing the movie because the trailer promised laughs and the critics raved about the performances by all of the actresses.

Scenes like ‘grape-fruiting’ brought me to tears from laughing so hard. But, despite matter how silly the movie was, I could not deny the underlying message that proves true friendship will always stand the test of time.

girls trip

These were four women who did everything together while in school and continued to support one another on a real level after graduating pushing their bond pushed to set aside things in their lives to help a friend anytime, any place.

Girls’ Trip did an excellent job of showing the reality of long-term friendships. As we grow up there is a tendency to grow apart from the people whom we hold near and dear to our hearts.

Each and everyone of the characters graduated college and began to go their separate ways trying to fulfill their individual destinies and life purposes.  Everyone’s dream looked different but they made sure they could always relate to one another on a personal level.

The girls’ reunion shows the reality of what life is like when you spend a surmountable time away from your friends. You change. They change. These differences may make you wonder if these people are worth bringing with you as you move on in life.

I began to analyze my own friendships while sitting in the drive-in theater (the best way to watch a movie in my opinion). While on paper, my friends and I loved each other very much, we did not always follow through with the plans we would make to see and make time for one another. Excuses of fatigue or laziness always seemed to keep at least one friend from showing up.

People try to rationalize degradation of relationships with their friends by blaming it on ‘having a lot going on’ but the truth is, no you don’t. You don’t have too much going on to meet up with your girls once a week or every two weeks to strengthen the relationship you have with one another. Yes, as we age we may follow different paths but that does not mean we have to leave healthy friendships in the past.


Luckily for me, as the senior year began, my friends and I were able to fall right back into our groove after having an opportunity to get grievances off of our chests. As I look forward in life, I know that each of us is going to do great things and I can not wait to be by each of their sides every step of the way.


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