To the Scared Me

by Alexas Durr

To the scared me,


It’s okay. It’s okay to finally be selfish because you’ve done everything you can for others. It’s okay to step back and take time to focus on yourself, because what good are you if you are barely holding on? It’s okay to say “no” because no isn’t the end, it just means “next opportunity”.

It’s okay to put yourself out on a limb, because the greatest success started with one leap of faith. It’s okay to leave relationships because they aren’t benefiting you or you feel like you’ve outgrown them. Stand firm in your decision and do not falter. It’s okay to change your mind, especially if it can make a situation better or a process more efficient.

Don’t burn bridges. Sometimes you have to love from a distance, but be open to new foundations of genuine relationships, not ones that cause you pain, turmoil and havoc. Walk with your head held high. Command the attention you deserve, but be humble in your work.

Nobody likes a cocky and arrogant person. Thank the Most High everyday. Walk strong in your faith and do not become apart of things that do not align with what you believe in.

Love with no constraints and reservations. Regardless of others, love with all of you. Sometimes, the love will not be reciprocated, but knowing you gave your all is the most exceptional step you took. Do things for you, not for the applause of others. Go for the internship you’ve been eyeing, for the executive board position, or the scholarship opportunity.

Do things for you because at the end of the day, you have to live with yourself. When walking in your purpose, you become uncomfortable. You start to realize the people that truly support you and the activities that made you grow as a person. You stop doing things for superficial reasons and start to look for deeper meaning and understanding.

You start to become one with yourself. You see disappointments as opportunities of growth and successes as moments of confirmation. You start to move differently: more calculated, more silent, more purposefully. You work harder for what you want and do not take shortcuts.

Let yourself breathe. You are your own worst enemy. Let things happen naturally and know that what is worth it won’t come easy and what is easy won’t be worth it.

You have a unique walk about yourself, a genuine spirit and a fierce attitude. Don’t lose yourself trying to please others.


The Improved Me

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