When the Party Stops Being Fun

by Courtney Taylor

There’s something about the sweetness of summer

A hint of happiness

A wistful exuberance of past smiles

The sun feeling like love under brown skin

The flowers like jewels scattered upon the fair grounds

Stay unafraid

Stay empty

Stay still

Nothing will hurt as much as when your heart stirs

Shared songs turn into playlists masquerading as memories

Every note is a tribute to you

Cleansing with tears like whispered prayers

The only assistance that comes with a sense of urgency appears at the bottom of empty bottles

Fractions teach how to handle the future

Swallowing fifths and learning to forgive (to follow)

It couldn’t wait

Bodies lying over the floors like nameless rites to rituals unspoken

Showering with hands full

Catching the pieces that break away

Every summer day ends in night

Swallowed by the envious darkness of the moon

All words are forgotten but these feelings burn like brands

Onto wrists turned up to heaven

Pray for salvation

Pray for an answer

Pray for forgiveness for the sins I have yet to commit

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