Finding Faith

by Isaiah Joseph

As the night grew colder Tuesday night, initially so did my hopes, moreover so did the reality of an ever so ominous situation grow.

It was that kind of coldness more dismaying than a harsh frigid winter. It was the kind that can be felt internally. It was the kind that seeps throughout the body entangling the heart and the brain causing you to be wary of what lies ahead.

For once, I felt detached from this country, isolated and outnumbered being thrown out into the cold because my skin color wasn’t the same shade as the rest.

I felt like I resided in a foreign country where my voice would no longer be valued. I felt like I was being forced into a time-machine where all of our nation’s progress toward a more unified, equal, benevolent, and empathetic country would be eradicated.

As I sat there watching this candidate that has portrayed himself to be an antagonist to minorities, women, certain religions, moreover anyone that doesn’t embody his image, inch closer to victory, anxiety increasingly began to emanate.

A type of anxiety that ensues during a terrifying dream, yet I was constantly faced with the reality of the situation that I only wished was a simple nightmare.

I pondered the reality of this man, with many supporters and endorsers who support a kind of hatred and racism that contradicts the true heart of this country, winning this election.

I was repulsed at the impetus of an antagonistic group of people who act off racism and hate now being invigorated by a candidate they yearned to take office.

“This simply couldn’t be.”, I thought to myself, but again as the night grew colder, so did the reality of the situation.

Donald Trump Hosts Nevada Caucus Night Watch Party In Las Vegas

The night was broken into a rollercoaster of phases- Phases of laughter, phases of skepticism, phases of happiness, phases of sorrow, yet I knew the phase that ended the night is what would carry its way into the morning, that following afternoon, the next night, the following day, perhaps the next four years.

The unfortunate lasting phase happened to be the one of disappointment, dejection, and disbelief. But then, in the midst of all of this confusion, anxiety, and temporary darkness, a bright, luminous ray of light pierced through all of this negativity and shattered it to pieces from within.

I realized the more I had my eyes focused on the outcome of this election, the less I had my eyes focused on God. I had allowed my worries and despondency to take my mind hostage, but I realized the God that I serve overpowers all my worries, and all the worries of this country.

Donald Trump is only a miniature spec in comparison to the size of God’s sovereignty over all men, all of this world and to allow Trump and others who stem off of hatred to take any substance, simply would be toxic and a waste of time.

For that second, my mind was tarnished by the idea of Trump being in control until I was reminded of the fact that The Man above has, is, and always will be in control.

Many of us are feeling the same way. Know that these feelings are natural but The God above is supernatural and has a plan.

Isaiah 41:10 says, “Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.”


This is where faith comes, faith that God will ALWAYStake care of his people, his children. These are the times where we should turn to no one else but God, The Creator. If God is for us, who can be against us?

When we fear, when we doubt, we fail to recognize the power of The Lord who has His people under His wing. In Him, we have NOTHING to fear. No matter who takes office, God is still God.

These are the times when we as minorities WILL come together like never before because we need each other like never before. It may seem like every time we make a step forward towards equality for all Americans,  unfortunately, we take a step back.

However, the person who presumes office in the White House shouldn’t dictate this, we dictate the steps we take.

The power of a unified voice surmounts any obstacle meant to hinder and impede.

Things may not always go our way. We will feel discontented and dissatisfied but God has a plan and in Him, we have already won. Let’s Pray for our country and all in all just know, God’s got us.

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