Not an option

By Alex Marchante

What are you doing November 8th? If you’re thinking of just chilling on a Tuesday afternoon thinking there is nothing better to do, you’re wrong. There is one thing you could do that change the future of this country and your life. If you’re thinking that one average Joe or Joanne can’t change the face of America, think what would happen if everyone in this country were that discouraged.

The point of voting on November 8th isn’t about one individual vote, it’s the collective voice of a nation. Every vote is one decibel adding to the volume of the American people. I understand that you might think your vote would’ve been better placed with another candidate, anyone but these two.

I understand that these two candidates are the least-popular not just this cycle, not just in recent times, but in the entire history of our nation. I understand that my political views may not match yours; I still encourage you to vote. What are we, the United States of America, if we don’t express ourselves?

This is a nation dependent on the individuals that create it. This is a nation that prides itself on freedom and democracy. Why would you choose not to vote in a country where voting is legal to all adults? Why would you choose not to vote in a country that gives you this liberty as opposed to some parts of this world?

I understand if you don’t support either candidate, but there are more things up for grabs. Congressional seats, local seats, amendments to Georgia’s constitution (or any state you reside in) that could affect you or the people you care about.


There is pride to say you participated in one of the historic elections in our lifetime or the entire history of the United States. There is no option to not vote. If you don’t like the names on the ballot, consider the policies they support. Consider the country you want to live in, or your parents to live in, or your significant other and potentially your children. This is the point of that ballot. This is the point of getting up and driving to a polling station. Take that sticker with a peach not just as an artifact of a four-year ceremonial act, but as a representation that you spoke. Take it as a representation you cared about your future enough that you bothered to vote.

Each of the millions of votes in this country collected on November 8th is a collection of individual Americans. They’re just people who gave their one vote. One vote matters when it brings another, and another, until that one vote is included in millions. Politics may not be your thing, but politics is unfortunately what makes this country what it is.

It’s a vote for how we deal with our health, our schools, our services available to us. We control our own destiny. We control our fate. No matter what part of the political spectrum you belong to, please vote.

Don’t take this opportunity for granted. You cannot complain if you don’t vote. The only reason you should be chilling and not doing anything on November 8th is if you vote ahead of time.

Voting can only take a few minutes. If you can take a few minutes out of your day to vote, it will represent the next four years of this country, of your life and of the lives of hundreds of millions of people in this country.


One vote matters. My vote, your vote, everyone’s vote.

This is our moment America. This is our time to make our mark in history and control our destiny. No one can do it for us, that’s voter fraud. We have to get up, walk/drive/commute to the polling station to do a tedious task. However, that tedious task is what determines our future. Don’t take that voting sticker for granted. This is what America is all about.

Now go out there and vote.

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