How much?

By Christopher White


I wonder how much my bounty would be?

the eyeballs of the cops staring at me

im smart, black, and come from a good home,

god forbid i even reach for my phone,

they said to record them, to make sure things go right,

so why is my cold body hitting the ground tonight?

what even goes through his or her head when pulling the trigga’,

“oh it ain’t nothing but another nigga.

all they care about is weed and stacking figgas,

a waste of space,

extermination of a race,

you telling me you wouldn’t pull the trigga?”

little did they know i study with much rigor,

my mind is my trigger,

im loading up my glock 4.0 right now,




another black stereotype gunned down.

how long you think they’ll let that body stay in the street?

Or will they immediately come and cover it with their white sheet?

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