Count it all Joy

Bemsi Wallang


and God I know your love for me

transcends every promise that’s ever been made to me

I know that you can turn night into day

Dark into light


when I struggle, when I fight

when I fight for my dear life

I will hold onto your Word with all of my might


Have Your way in me

so my life can be for Your glory

I want the world to know

Why my soul shines

I want the world to know

Why I smile after all the times

After all the mistakes, after all the crying


I can count it all joy

For you are refining me

You are shaping me

You are molding me


Who am I to reject

Being chosen as my God’s elect?

This is love unequaled

This is the sound of a soul crying aloud

Rejoicing in the mercy that abounds

From the Savior’s heart.


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