It’s time

By Mind of a Maniac

It’s been a while.

I’ve been observing

I’ve been introspective

I’ve learned so much

I apologize for the delay.

I entered a place I’ve never been and truly realized,

Before I told you anything,

I had to know myself.

College broke me.

College made me.

College destroyed my ego.

College multiplied my humility

College made me discover

College left me lost

College took everything I had

College gave me everything I have

College let me experience failure

College MADE me experience pain


College molded who I’ve become.


College is circumstance

Those of you in College feel me

But those of you who aren’t,

Feel me too.


This has nothing to do with who you used to be

This is about where WE are now & where WE are going

This is the oven

To bake, prep, heat, expand, burn, raise

Your mind, your soul, your spirit, and your surroundings

Look back and evaluate what made you

Look back at what hurt you


But don’t ever forget the lessons learned

While it has nothing to do with you used to be

It has everything with who you used to be

Sit on this message. Think about what I could tell you Next.

I want to deliver a message

Its time.

I have to release

What has truly become....

The Mind of A Maniac


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