The making of a maniac

By “Mind of a Maniac”

I chose to write anonymously because I believe in a system where the why comes before the what. If you always know why, what won’t ever matter. I want to give you the raw mix of emotions, logic, situations, inspirations, and downfalls being witnessed and practiced in a place all too familiar to anyone in our generation.

This is a series containing my feelings and thoughts as they come. So, forgive the disorder but appreciate the authenticity, forgive the inconsistencies but appreciate the message, forgive the anger and emotion but appreciate the truth. My truth.

I want to give you insight to the perspectives and logic inside the mind of a person who you (now) know nothing about. No previous judgement or knowledge of me can drown out the meanings behind the words. Because for me, I’ve always known what should be but never how to get there so along the way, many mistakes were and will be made. I never knew how to succeed in this life by applying the principles that I know to be true… until now.

In this series, pay attention to the details and most importantly pay attention to the spirit behind the message. Every time I write a piece I am in a great place in spirit. I mean well and I hope to touch someone in a place where the messages sent can be understood, applied & breed lifelong-results. These pieces will be raw, they will be deep, and they will always keep it real.

I hope to inspire, and I hope to help people find what they’re looking for out of this
experience that they still call “college” but has turned into one of the most transformative periods in the lives of 65.9% of Americans.

To the creatives, to the cream of the crop, to those of you who truly get it. This one’s for you.

Welcome to the mind of a maniac.


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  1. Kelvin Lattimore says:

    I like it


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