By Rashaad Pierre

Presently pressing all on my pressure points

Messaging all the leaders that I’d appoint

Hate how they treat us but here’s the point

The guards up like I didn’t even have a point

Cause of the lead,

Bullets flying everywhere they hit you now you did

Daddy didn’t come home couldn’t tuck his girl to bed

All this killing, All this hate, has me scared

The people fed up

Why when the people down, the feds up

Backward fed is death

You took an oath to protect

But you decided to play dress up

Who’s next up?

Ain’t no BLUE and WHITE without RED huh?

Is that America? Is this America?

They call this living

I call it the living dead

More like the walking dead, No AMC

We got the clips on film like AMC

But the Judge like they care, It’s ABC

Trying to fly away in my WINDOW seat

Wrote a poem for you called WIDOW seat

Couldn’t imagine vision through a WIDOW’s peak

We’re here now not trying to see the WIDOWS peak

How do you expect us to have unity

When we afraid of the unit

They moved us straight to units

Why you think we moving units?

We pushing weight!

Why the POLICE where the POOR LEASE?

Ironically, that gives us no peace

It’s funny how the words play

When we all pray

We need angels

That’s why I ran to the Mic

The Devil got a big appetite

Please put down the lead cause I rather let the GRAPHITE.

The poem that inspired the lyrics for WidowSeat


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