Dear UGA

Dear UGA, 

The greatest thing I’ve ever done in my life is become a Georgia Bulldawg. Often, People question the validity of this statement, and I get it. UGA has its flaws.

The campus could be more inclusive. Community showers should be illegal in every state. Tuition could be a lot lower. People could wear more deodorant on the Orbit bus. UGA is home. No home is perfect, but UGA has been perfect for me. 

UGA was the first place I felt like I could grow. It was the first place where my voice was actually heard. It was the first place where my opinion mattered, where I mattered. UGA was the first place I could truly call my home. 

Before I came here, I was alive for 18 years, but I never lived. I chased my passion here. I became a man here. I laughed here. I cried here. 


I’m writing this letter to say thank you. Thank you for being the one constant in my life in the past four years. Thank you for being there for me through the dark times when I couldn’t even be there for myself. 

Thank you for introducing me to some of the greatest people the world has to offer. Their infectious spirit, drive, and greatness are contagious. I’m glad they rubbed off on me. I can’t wait to give some extremely shady wedding toasts in the coming years. 

My main goal at UGA was to leave it a better place than when I came in. I observed the leaders on campus when I arrived and implemented some of their techniques into my style. I saw how they gave back to the University of Georgia and I knew that I had to continue the trend. 

I hope that I’ve positively changed at least one person’s life. Then, all the late nights, all the long meetings, and all the sacrifices would’ve been worth it. 

I’ve tried to help anybody that has needed it, but I can’t lie to you and say helping African Americans, especially African American men doesn’t mean a little more. 

I never had a role model growing up, so I promised myself that I would be that for the next generation. There’s not too many of us at UGA, but that doesn’t mean we’re not a family. 


People say you can’t choose your family, but that’s a lie. I chose them, and BUGA chose me. I made a decision to be heavily involved with BUGA because I know how important black culture is. 

I sat in Tate for hours and argued about Mark Richt and Drake v. Meek. I went to the yardshows and probates. I supported black organizations and encouraged my peers and underclassmen to do the same. 

I just want you to give them the same chances you gave me. Let them know they can chase their passions. Let them know they can love UGA just as much as anybody else can. 

Let them know they’re loved and that their voices, opinions, and feelings matter. Because you did all those things for me and so much more. 

I always remind myself that I’m a kid from Stone Mountain, Georgia that’s not supposed to be here. So, every experience and new friend I’ve crossed paths with has been a blessing. A blessing that I thank God and you for everyday. 

Thank you for making me a better person. Thank you for humbling me. Thank you for the experiences highs and the lows. Thank you for giving me the confidence to go out into the world and change it for the better. 

Thank you for being a friend, resource, and the greatest home I’ve ever known. 

Your favorite son, 

      Jamari K. Jordan. 

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