Let’s talk about it

By Christian Clark

The birds and the bees. Getting it on. The nasty. It. – All names for a very simple, but also very complex word: sex.

With all the things going on in the world that we aren’t too certain about, one thing we know for sure is that people are having sex. Often times when people are talking about sex, it’s in a negative light.

Whether it’s a talk about HIV/AIDS, STI’s, pregnancy, or God forbid catching feelings… They’re all things that basically talk about abstaining from sex.

People never want to talk about the upside of sex. Sex is fun. And it’s a natural occurrence between humans that should be embraced.

In today’s 3rd wave feminist society, there is a large movement of women embracing their sexuality and beginning to vocalize and not be shameful of their sexual behavior. A movement that I for one, can appreciate.


One notable celebrity who’s been a part of the movement is Amber Rose, who launched her own “Slut Walk” movement in 2015 which gives women the outlet to talk about how the clothes that they wear do not equal consent for sex and also how the whole idea of slut shaming should be eradicated.

Slut shaming is calling a woman derogatory words because of either how she dresses or what she decides to do with her own body. Amber Rose and others like her have not only inspired women all over the world, but have also encouraged women to become more comfortable with their sexuality.

When I think about an artist who really embraces her sexuality and liking of sex, Rihanna comes to mind. Rihanna probably has the most sex appeal out of all female artists and for years she’s been making music entailing not only how much she likes sex, but also the way in which she likes to have it.


With her recent single, “Sex with Me,” I feel like now people are starting to become more comfortable with talking about how they like sex. Because it’s okay! Sex isn’t this big mysterious thing that can never be spoken on.

I sometimes find myself getting tired of people always talking about girls who are virgins and placing them on this high pedestal as if they are better than everyone else. I am not ashamed of not being a virgin. I like sex. It feels great.

In high school, I was the last to lose my virginity; but here at UGA I’m one of the only ones who’s not a virgin. With this being the case, it sometimes makes me reluctant about talking about my different ventures and experiences because of a fear of being judged. 

Most of my virgin friends don’t understand the concept of casual sex and that every sexual encounter doesn’t have to be with someone you’re madly in love with. They’d be like, “Wait, so you guys weren’t dating? How long have you known him?” As oppose to my non virgin friends who would be like, “Yasssssss, was it good? Did he…?”


I know that by writing this article, I’ll probably still be judged by some of the females who read it, but to be honest, I don’t care. I would think that in 2016, we would have moved on from being so damn judgmental of another female’s actions.

I believe that sex and the conversation regarding it shouldn’t sugar code the details about how great of an experience it could be.

I also know that there are many girls reading this and are thinking, “But what about the ‘soul-ties’? Aren’t you going to get attached?” In my experience, I’ll be the one to say that I literally am not emotionally connected to any one I have had been with sexually.

I believe that that type of attachment comes in when you make it more than what it is. Do you think your mom is still thinking about guy #3 from 20-30 years ago? I think not.

I’m not telling anyone to go out and just collect bodies, but if that’s what you want to do, then do it! It’s your life, your body, your decisions. We’re all grown here. You should always be precautious, but don’t be afraid to go out and explore!

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