The Unsung Heroes

By Tyree Brown

Being at the University of Georgia is probably one of the best decisions that any one of us could have made. This public research university provides not only an unmatched education but also a diverse campus that has organizations that can suit every need.

As amazing as these luxuries are on the surface, it easy to unacknowledged the bits and pieces that keep this large clock ticking. These bits include the custodian staff, dining hall workers and the behind the scene personnel that keep your UGA experience pleasant.

Myers Hall is located in the south part of campus and is the official honors dorm of the university. The dorm holds both male and female students that look to Myers Hall to be their home away from home.

But the students aren’t the only ones that walk the halls of Myers, or any other campus residence hall for that matter. The janitorial staff make it their duty to keep the dorms up to Georgia expectations.

People such as Myers Hall custodian Anthony Smith has no problem coming into work every morning to clean up after the students of Myers Hall.

Smith has lived in Athens his entire life. After the birth of his first child, he has always worked two jobs in order to support his family. After several years and two more children, Smith continues to work two jobs, including a ten year run at Athens’ Saint Mary’s Hospital.

“I’ve always worked two jobs to get my girls through school.” Smith said.

Smith has two girls in college and a third in high school that will soon join them. At the university, Smith makes $30,000 a year while he “makes ends meet” at the hospital, but at the end of the day he claims it all worth it.

As far as benefits, employees receives discounts on  Georgia games and dining halls along with discounts around the city. If the university doesn’t go through budget cuts, it’s possible that Smith and the staff will receive a raise. However, the money is only one part of the job for Smith.

“My job is to keep everything clean and disinfected and that counts a lot,” Smith said. “Because when I look good, y’all look good.”

This is the attitude carried into the halls when Smith does his day to day duties. He  believes in keeping a positive attitude, claiming that a little vomit after football weekend to be the only lowlight.

“When the kids come in and say I appreciate what you’re doing, it makes you feel good about what you’re doing.” Smith said.

As Smith leaves at 4pm to prepare for his second job, he is proud of his day’s work.  He wants the students of the hall to know that he feels appreciated and that they should keep working hard.

“Keep doing what you’re doing and strive to be the best,” Smith said. “Get the education, the sky’s the limit.”

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