To My First Love

By Omekah Edmondson

To my first love,


I never really believed in love until I realized the power you had over me

You’re the one I turn to for inspiration, motivation, & serenity

There’s something about being unable to define you that makes me religiously come back for more.


You have always been there whenever I needed you

Even when I didn’t want you

And claimed I would be better off without you

You never left.


Your chords have steered a path of endless devotion of one of your most faithful servants

You have created the playlist to the “New Year New Me” mantra

To everything from my “Woosah” instances to my “Jesus be a fence” moments

That has all been you.


Your thunderous drums have exposed my inherent extrovert

You have connected me with cultures that are not even my own

You have unveiled different languages, sounds, and harmonies with the most ease

You have morphed anthems I strut to daily.


You give me permission to turn off my thoughts even if just for a quaint 3:32 seconds

You are one of the few to have witnessed and fostered my silent tears

Knowing their true source

Understanding that “I’m fine” is nothing but a beautifully wrapped lie that is quickly exposed the moment one song plays

You are the abstract cheat code to the labyrinth that is my true feelings.


You have talked me off of the edge

You have become the light in a dark place in which I once thought I was going to lose myself

Reminding me that the sun will come out tomorrow.


When my thoughts are to the point where they’re oozing from my mind and I am about to implode upon myself

You always come swooping in with a plethora of crescendos, bass, and instrumentals that bring me back to reality

You are able to translate feelings that were alien to me with mere melodies.


I would say hip hop but you are so much more than that

You’re an endless queue of genres, both known and yet to be discovered

And each genre of you is yet another part of me

And like the never ending puzzle of life I know that I will never truly be able to define you

But I will always respect you and the power you yield.


So thank you my first love

You stole my heart and made it whole

And every day I wake, eager to delve deeper within this infatuation.



An adamant listener

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