Cafe Soul Does it Again…

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By Brandi Patterson

The Black Affairs Council held their annual event, Café Soul, in the Memorial Hall Ballroom this past Tuesday evening. Cafe Soul is a talent showcase catered toward the minority students at the University of Georgia.

The night was filled with beautiful metaphors, sultry songs and vocals, and graceful bodies as the performers ignited the audience with spoken word, musical pieces, and dance numbers. The performers weren’t the only people who captivated the audience, either.

Host and Hostess, Sam Ekane and Kayla Hutchinson, displayed their vibrant personalities and used witty one-liners to interact with the audience.

“What I enjoyed most was being able to see the results of all the hard work that got put into it and all of the performers being able to get snaps and claps from everyone,” said Hutchinson. 

Just before the show Janesha Brown said that she looked forward to “just seeing all of the black talent that the school has to offer”.

A crowd favorite Morgan Wynn performed poem about self-love titled, “Symone” Her thoughts on performing were “I like that you have the opportunity to become anything that you want to be. And you get to express your character in a way that only you know. I always pray that I bless someone.”

Other notable performers include Bianca Godwins, Tifara Brown, and Justin Scott-Wesley.

After the show LaVares Jackson said he felt happy, and somewhat shocked because of the talent, “I’ll rate the overall experience as a nine.”

Overall, Café Soul did exactly what it intended to do. They fed the streets. They delivered. They have created yet another memorable experience.

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