Where’s My Ticket?

By Tyree Brown

The University of Georgia is known for its rigorous academics, an intelligent student population, and a long list of successful alumni that continue to pave the way for the next generation of Bulldogs. But to be honest, we all know the most important aspect of The University of Georgia… Georgia Football.

With fans all over the nation, many dream of walking into Sanford Stadium, and being a part of that crowd noise, and every student witnessing another win for the Bulldogs. However it seems as if every student will not be making an appearance in Sanford Stadium. There are many students that unfortunately got the short end of the stick in what could be called the “ticket lottery” and will not be receiving all and for some, any tickets this season.  


Since August, every freshman confidently boasted that they would be supporting the Bulldogs at the first game of the season. So, it came as a surprise to first year Johnna Young when she received an email saying that she would not receive tickets for the 2015-2016 football season.

“I literally cried real tears,” she said. “It never occurred to me that I might not get tickets.”

For the few without tickets, the next best thing is to have a ticket donated. For those that are unsure of the donation process, students will be able to donate their ticket to either a ticket pool for random selection or directly to another student using their student ID number.

This process can be enacted to avoid obtaining a strike. When one obtains up to three strikes, that student becomes ineligible for postseason tickets and the following season tickets, a price many would not want to pay.

Of course, there is an exception to the donation rule. The Student Government Association and University of Georgia Athletics staff determined that to avoid pricing schemes, donations from students to student during the Alabama and South Carolina games will contribute directly to a ticket pool instead of from student to student. The deadline for ticket submissions is on Wednesday at 11:59 p.m. prior to the corresponding ticket, as for every game.


The ticket process seems to be fairly simple for some and a complete nightmare for others. Georgia football, as many people believe, is a part of Athens culture. For those that unfortunately were not a lottery winner, the mad scramble to obtain donated tickets has begun.

Facebook and Twitter are switched from social media sites to donation sites as students look for both recipients and those generous enough to relieve their ticket. The season is now upon us and many unwary students are curious on how this donation process will play out.

Sanford Stadium stands ready for all 92,746 of it screaming fans, some of the best athletes in the SEC, and of course some classic Georgia football. The only question is, will you have a ticket to see it?

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