Dear Black Kings

Dear my black kings,

   I know you are under attack and have been since the beginning of time. So, I just wanted to take the time to remind you of the kings you are. Even though the world wishes to paint you as just monsters, hooligans, and thugs.

   You are foragers of endless promise with empires that are built by the strength of someone who knows pain, sorrow, and sadness but still chooses to carry on. All I ask is for you not to harden your hearts. I know it is a lot of me to ask and I almost have no place but again I plead this of you …

Please don’t harden your hearts.

Don’t stop pushing.

Don’t stop smiling.

Your smiles are a gift from God himself.

They are a promise that one day it will all be as good as you pretend for it to be.

Your smile is that ray of sunshine on the gloomiest of days that allows others                                         to find a light in themselves.

   Your perseverance and constant drive to press on even when EVERYTHING in this world seems to be against you is so admirable. That it makes me, your future Queen, see you on your darkest days, in your most eerie of moments to stand up and say this …

You are loved.

You are respected.

You are worthy.

You are intelligent.

You are powerful.

You are handsome.

You. Are. Kings.

Do you hear that?

I want you to hear that in the loudest voice bellowing from                                                                    the highest of mountains!

   Even in the somber hours when your nation turns its back on you, when your sisters turn their backs on you in frustration, when your justice system fails you, when your brothers have hardened their hearts and are running out of reasons for their heart to keep pumping AGAIN, I will bellow with the last of air in my chest …

You are loved!

You are respected!

You are worthy!

You are intelligent!

You are powerful!

You are handsome!

You are KINGS!

   And do not let any social construct let you feel any different. I just felt like it was long overdue to recognize you in what seems like some of the most hopeless of times.

   When it is so easy to feel like no one is in your corner, I will be here to remind you of the kings you are. I am here to pick up the crown that the world keeps claiming that you are so undeserving to call your own. And I shall place it on the crown of your head.

   And remind you that YOU ARE A KING. And my final plea shall be that you will NEVER forget that.

With the deepest love and sincerity,

Omekah Edmondson

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