By Tameron Colbert


Farewell wind to the east

As the drapes blow steady to the sound

The window stare paints soft

While the artist dances loft


We question those we cannot stand

Only to find the answer in Our hand

Dreadful was the portrait man

Asking questions only to a woman


Sounds of the leveled daze more than

Her sour gaze

Reap my dear as the smell of nature and fear

Shallow all things we hold dear

Touch me here where the rose sings to me

So gentle so kind, but they say true love is hard to find


This is I staring into the space of sublime

Painting your picture to solemnly define

Only in time where it falls slowly but steady

While you turn around and find your self unready

On the contrary as it begins to pour


There you glow at the feeling of such a miracle

Blind to offers of being dismembered

Hark the angels shall sing!

For you know I am your king


But does not the Bee sting?

While you slowly hold your head low

There my heart begins to glow

By the fracture and frictions of life

I still see you there lying in the rain


Laughing at such jokes as I bound into a flame

Poor shame, as I am slowly to be tamed

Come closer to a passions of desire and claims

For I am not here to seduce your body or your frame


I’m here to poke your thoughts into my sane

Be the blueberry to my pain

As we find the mediocraties of satisfaction

Welcoming the arms of devastation

And there you let the rain peel the coat of your stain


While I still bound in the fire reach for your gain

Kiss me darling do not be afraid

Only you are the fire to my rain

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