If Ants Ruled the World

By Rashaad Pierre

Disunity will be the end of my people
I apologize disunity has already ended my people.
Is it illogical to say that we are partially the reason for our own enslavement?
Our own eradication?
We have dissolved our greatest asset.
And gained one of our ugliest contributions to the world … ourselves.
Our individual disclosure and aspirations have trumped us all.
Because we fail to realize that our dreams do not have limits, but our body does.
But our bodies do
And without bodies we embody the bodies we create.
Catch a body or save one.
As I stay leveled, held back, and confined, I ask the other crabs,
Why are we bringing ourselves down.
Why do we fight each other

The struggle is hard because we are approaching it individually
Things exist because we allow them to
We are stuck in a bucket, eventually killing each other because we settle with conformity
And unfortunately our conformity is one that request another man to overthrow themselves
We even view ourselves to be feeble creatures
And I agree we are … alone
By why don’t we just loan a hand
But look at the ants
How they operate
Admire their use of numbers

They are more ignorant then us, yet they know that 1 ant is not stronger than 2 ants
A thumb is as weak as the pinky when it is not clenched in fist
Thumbing down to the pinky,
Check the index, The point is there is no middle man just US, then we shall win a RING
Everyone is important
Everyone is support
A focused man is one to be feared …
BUT a focused group is unstoppable.
So let us unify and break free from society’s bucket. ​

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