ELITE Top 25 Most Impactful Albums of Our Generation

Impactful (adj)
1. having or manifesting a great impact or effect
        In this list, we examine of Top 25 Most Impactful Albums of generation. This list will look at albums dated from 1993 to present day. When we look at Impact, we are assessing how the album motivated and galvanized society at its release date and even still today. These impacts include culture, social media, the music industry, and everyday language.
        Albums are full bodies of work. When making the list, we are examining the album, not the artist or just commercial singles. Every genre of music is represented in this list. Each artist was only allowed one album. This list was determined by the ELITE music staff. We feel this list best embodies all of these qualifiers:

T-25 Souljaboytellem.com x Soulja Boy



Our most controversial choice on the list. When we talk impact, Soulja Boy is on the list. Crank Dat set the stage for all the dances that would follow.

T-25 Songs About Jane x Maroon 5


Adam Levine and Maroon 5 arrived and took over the pop world with this mix of soulful melodies and pop beats.

24. Get Rich or Die Tryin x 50 Cent



Exploding on the scene doesn’t quite do 50 Cent justice with his debut album. Has anyone seen Ja Rule ever since?

23. Diary of Alicia Keys x Alicia Keys




If you didn’t know her name before, you definitely did afterwards.

22. Back to Black x Amy Winehouse




The late Amy Winehouse delivered soulful ballad after soulful ballad with this release.


21. Fearless x Taylor Swift



America’s sweetheart came alive with this album helping her win the 2010 Grammy for Album of the Year and chart(WORLD) domination.

20. Watch the Throne x Jay Z ft Kanye West



The two heavyweights of hip-hop went to Paris, recorded an album with impeccable production, and we still haven’t recovered emotionally.

19. Millennium x Backstreet Boys



One of the highest selling albums of all time with over 11M copies sold. Boy bands of today wouldn’t exist without the Backstreet Boys.

18. Hybrid Theory x Linkin Park




Linkin Park’s debut set the stage for them to control the rock genre for years.

17. Good Girl Gone Bad x Rihanna



America’s bad girl was born here with her 2007 release.

16. Continuum x John Mayer



This soulful, empowering album set the stage for the return of soul music.

15. Teenage Dream x Katy Perry



Whenever you break MJ’s record for most No. 1 songs on an album, you belong on this list.

14. FutureSexLoveSounds x Justin Timberlake



JT delivered with this sophomore album. Executive produced by Timbaland, JT set the stage for pop music of 2015 to flourish.


13. Kid A x Radiohead



Radiohead’s album at the turn of the millennium. Revolutionized the sound of rock since its release.

12. GKMC x Kendrick Lamar



Kendrick Lamar’s critically acclaimed debut. The best rap album we have heard in years.

11. Marshall Mathers LP x Eminem



Eminem arrived on the scene in such of flurry that the game was his on arrival. Highest selling rapper of all-time.

10. The Blueprint x Jay Z



What more can he say? This album started his trilogy and legacy as arguably the greatest rapper of all time.

9. 21 x Adele



In the past, British artists crossed over into American music. But in this new Era, no one has done it with more success than Adele.

8. Take Care x Drake



One of our generations most important artists and albums. Drake took claim to the rap throne with this 2011 album which help spawn his only Grammy to date.


7. B’Day x Beyonce



What would be a list without Queen B? Hit. After Hit.

6. American Idiot x Green Day



Green Day’s crown jewel as a group. This 2004 smash help solidified their legacy as one of the top bands of the era.

5. Miseducation of Lauryn Hill x Lauryn Hill



From the Fugees to her on her own. Ms. Lauryn Hill gave her masterpiece here helping her win the Grammy for Album of the Year.


4. Confessions x Usher



Arguably the greatest Male R&B/Pop album since Michael Jackson’s Thriller. 10 Million records sold.

3. Speakerboxx/Love Below



OutKast. No other words necessary.

2. The Carter III x Lil Wayne



2008 belong to Mr. Carter. 1 Mil in a week? Sheesh.

1. College Dropout x Kanye West


Mr. West set the tone for the rest of his career with this debut album. Arguably the debut of any artist.

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