Black Man in America


By Jaylon Thompson

Wise words from a decent man,
Are turned into lies from a crooked land.
Go to war to shake his very hand,
Never really understanding his worldly plan.

Buying and selling his perfect dream,
While trying to get our name on his very team.
Still we’re ridiculed from the homeland.
Stuck in our situations like quicksand.

It’s hard to be a black male,
When it’s perceived you will live inside a jail cell.
Or languish in the depths of hell,

Never able to climb the mountains high
Or walk the valley’s low.
Only good to perform as a puppet in a magic show.

Unknown is the ladder to success,
Like a chess game, we are pawns in this worldly mess.
The harsh reality is racism has never died,
The actors still wear their masks and hate with pride.
Striving to make your life a rollercoaster ride.
So, how can you overcome this insanity?
Perhaps being guilty is the word you should plea
After all, the world says tells you what you can’t be.

But don’t give up. Never give up.
Feel the incoming rain.
Rejoice as it washes away the sorrow and pain.

Bake in the sun as it reveals its light,
Stand tall as you continue to fight.
A new day always follows a long night,
When change raises the bar to a new height
And a black man leads this world on a new plight.

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