Best in Show: Student Alumni Council

By Allison Williams

Student Alumni Council

(Serving a Community)

You may have seen them handing out shirts in Tate Plaza, spooking us with Ghost Tours in North Campus or greeting fresh faces each year at the Freshman Welcome; these dazzling Dawgs are everywhere you turn. The proud students of the Student Alumni Council, better known as SAC, are this week’s Best in Show.

The Student Alumni Council serves as the bridge between UGA alumni and current students—closing the gap between the two through signature events such as Dinner With a Dozen Dawgs, where Student Alumni Association (SAA) members have dinner with one of our many successful alumni. SAC president Mark Rush claims this event best executes the university’s mission because it “captures what UGA is about, which is giving back.”

Aside from free food and awesome T-shirts, this organization provides students with a number of lifelong skills. Rush says that through SAC he gained great networking skills and, through close contact with prominent university figures and alumni, has learned to not be intimidated by them. He, along with the other members, is an excellent example of how important it is to grow not only as a student, but as a professional as well.


You may be wondering how The Student Alumni Council—and the university—is able to sponsor so many unforgettable events. If so, the answer is the Georgia Fund. This is the money The University of Georgia uses to fund scholarships, faculty research, and many of the fun activities we are provided with.

Students are welcome to donate in two ways: through the Student Alumni Association, which requires a minimum donation of $20 or through the senior signature (available to seniors only), a minimum donation of $50, where $20 goes directly to the Georgia Fund and $30 goes to a UGA department or college of their choice. All SAC members are donors to the university and they encourage each of us to give to the university that has given so much to us.

This organization is receiving Best in Show this week because SAC is, as its president describes it, “Serving A Community.” Each year, these Dawgs serve the entire UGA community: students, staff and alumni alike. With their G Books in hand, the members of the Student Alumni Council keep the pride alive and strengthen the traditions most loved by alumni and new traditions for current and future Bulldogs to enjoy.

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