NAACP to hold forum on Athens discrimination


By Kennington Smith

Later on today, the UGA chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People will be holding a program today on a hot topic around the campus; the discrimination issues that black people face in downtown Athens.

“We felt like this was the perfect event as we’re bringing in a new E-board,” new Executive Board member Akash Shah said. “Most people have an opinion on the matter and every experience and story is different, we want to hear them all.”

Shah will be the facilitating tonight’s discussion. It will start with anyone sharing their experiences with downtown, followed by brief overview of the history of discrimination in Athens then concluding with discussion topics. Among the topics are why do people choose to go downtown? What are the pros/cons? Who has faced discrimination? What are the solutions to the problem?

The program will be held in the journalism building in room 504 at 6 pm. Food will be provided.

This is the first program of its kind being held by the NAACP, a camera crew will be on-hand to record any stories or opinions to anyone who is willing to share. More events that correlate with the topic will be held in the near future.

“To me, a successful event would be a discussion that prompts action in the future,” President Patrice Parkinson said. “It doesn’t end here, I want the discussion to move people to want to make a change in local, regional and national government.”

For anyone who would like to be a member of the NAACP during this school year, dues will be collected at the conclusion of the meeting. They are $10 and included membership in the UGA chapter, national chapter and a t-shirt.

Once again, the program will be held today at 6 pm in the journalism building in room 504. See you there.

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