Hollywood Squares: Where Do We Draw the Line?


By Brandi Patterson

This past Labor Day weekend may have been all fun and games for most people, but many Hollywood starlets had to worry about whether or not their image would be compromised. Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton – just to name a few –fell victim to a hacker who released nude photos to the image based bulletin board, 4chan, on Sunday.

The hacker allegedly hacked into the victims’ iCloud account according to initial reports. However, Apple representatives stated in a press release that Apple engineers worked very diligently to discover that the celebrities involved were victims of a “very targeted attack” on user names, passwords and security questions.

Apple reps continued to state that “none of the cases we investigated has resulted from any breach in any of Apple’s systems including iCloud®”.  Apple states that “[their] customers’ privacy and security are of utmost importance to [them]”.

It has been reported that there are over 100 alleged victims of the cybercriminal. Gabrielle Union, Megan Good, and Selena Gomez are among some of the women on this list.  However, only a few of the women’s photos have been released. And unfortunately, some of them were not even the real thing, just a very skillful Photoshop edit.

This was true for Jill Scott and Victoria Justice. The R&B star and former Nickelodeon star, respectively, took to Twitter to express their attitudes toward the ongoing situation, where they both stated that the some photos released of them were not real.

jill vic

Similar to Victoria Justice, Actress Jennifer Lawrence and Model Kate Upton will also be taking legal action in this situation. As of right now, the identity of the cyber-criminal still remains unknown, but the FBI has already begun the investigation to find those who are involved with this unfortunate crime.

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