King of the Hill



By Andrew Porter

NINE days. It has been nine days since the commencement of free agency, and we, as viewers, are still left with much speculation on where the “man-who- took- the- NBA -by –hostage” will land.

He has come quickly and pretty quietly, leaving much to be desired about his thought process. After the rout given to the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals, it was considered common knowledge that LeBron James would re-sign with the Miami Heat.

Then, he opted out and the thought process was: “he’s trying to give Pat Riley and other suitors time to create rosters of his liking.” Now all of a sudden the new flavor of the day is that he will go back to Cleveland.

The most annoying thing about free agency is the reports of what “could be” and what could happen from these wide varieties of “sources” that put out crazier and crazier stories each day. Much of the drama stems from the lack of decision-making from top two free agents, James and Carmelo Anthony.

It is my personal belief that the entire free agency process is being controlled by where these two players will land. If you notice, each day that reports are made, the same teams are constantly quote on quote “involved”. These include the Lakers, Rockets, Mavericks, Knicks, Chicago, Cleveland, and Miami.

These are the teams who want to make the biggest splash in free agency this summer. Starting from the bottom, you can pretty much rule Dallas out, as their hope of signing a big star probably will not happen; however, the move to acquire Tyson Chandler and Chandler Parsons are definitely promising.

The next likely to be left high and dry are the Bulls. Before free agency started, everyone just knew Anthony would be taking his talents to Chicago and would attempt to dethrone the King. It all makes sense. The roster is the most complete and suited to his liking. Now though, reports are surfacing that Anthony will sign with the Knicks and that the announcement is imminent—allegedly.

With that being said, if those reports are true, the Lakers will soon be visited with a feeling of loneliness and uncertainty as their top prospect will have rejected them. The Rockets meanwhile have all but ruled themselves out of the hunt for Melo, but see Chris Bosh as a great consolation prize.

Bosh would be just the stretch big man they need to spread the floor for the high octane Houston offense. But, here is where the difficulty arises. We are hearing that Bosh wants to play with LeBron, but he wants more money than the Heat are willing to offer.

His decision is more than likely being based off of what James does. While some say James’ choice is being delayed because of Bosh. Regardless, the fans are the ones who are being left waiting.

And that leaves us with our final two most serious contenders in making the big splash in the free agent pool—Miami and Cleveland—two franchises that will probably always be intertwined somehow at this point. Reports are that these are the two spots that the high flying James must pick to land at.

Will he trust the great Pat Riley and believe that he can make the impossible happen? Are our days of watching the Big Three over? Is Anthony secretly trying to wait out his decision to see if there is hope of him playing with James? These are just a few of the questions being thrown around on day 9 of free agency.

It all seems like a bunch of pointing fingers if you ask me, but hey, no one asked. No matter who is waiting on who, someone has to make the first move. All eyes are on the King, who gets to take as much time as he needs to make his decision while continuing to keep the NBA hostage. Must be great to be the king of the hill.


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